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Emergency / Remote medical advice services?

Hi there, My husband and I are preparing for cruising in our sailboat – expecting to leaven in April 2008. We have been planning our medical kit / supplies for the last 3 years, and both have some basic medical training. (We also have your Marine Medical 3000 as a good base) What we are looking for now is a good 24/7 medical contact service – are you aware of any? If an emgency situation does arise that we feel we can’t manage/ don’t understand – it would be most reassuring to know (in advance) we can contact an expert and always expect an answer (we have a Satallite phone, and email) Many thanks Maryanne Webb

HI Maryanne- you question was forwarded to me- enclosed is an article I wrote for SAIL magazine last summer- the contacts should be correct- You’ll need to decide which company is both afordable and gives you the service you need- You also should make sure your sat phone has full coverage for your cruising area- If it is Iridium, it should do fine- let me know directly if you have any questions, good luck and fair breezes – Michael

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