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Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy or Thermo-lite 2 Bivvy?


I live in N.E. Ohio and every Oct. I check and update all of my kits (first aid, winter truck pack and home kit). I have been looking at your two bivvy sleeping blankets for my truck kit. Can you tell me which one works the best in very very cold weather?


Cassie, They both work well. The main differences are that the Thermo-Lite bivvy will breathe better – meaning less moisture condensation inside – due to the foot vent opening and Velcro side closures. If you are inside your truck, out of the wind, this would be my choice. The Thermo-Lite bivvy is also made of a stronger material. On the other hand, I like the Heatsheets bivvy because of its weight, size and the waterproof taped seams. Either bivvy will help you spend the unexpected night out in your truck.

Thanks for the question.


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  1. Shawn Gregory Says:

    I just purchased the Thermo-lite 2.0 bivvy which I knew had been discontinued but I wanted the lighter weight. How do you tell which side is the more durable? Apparently it was changed because of this but I at least expected it to be marked or a description.

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