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Which kit to purchase?


1) I am a field member on our county Search & Rescue team. 2) I will be finishing with my Wilderness First responder certification in a few weeks. 3) I spend tons of time in the back country of colorado year round. From ice climbing to mountain biking. I have always carried a small field first aid kit, have have added more and more items over the years.

Can you recommend a kit (for personal use) that I could use while hiking, biking, climbing, etc… in very reomte areas that can deal with everything from allergies to major trauma.


Nathan T., Secretary Garfield County Search & Rescue


Nathan, I would carry the Ultralight & Watertight .9 kit and add QuikClot, an Epi-pen and a small CPR shield. You can find the Quicklot and CPR mask in our refill your kit section. The Epi-Pen you will need a prescription and go to your local pharmacy. Thanks

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