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Solo Sail – Which Kit Should I buy?


I am 73 and solo sail. I have sailed from Oakland, CA to Mexico, to Hawaii, and am now heading out into the south pacific.I am not sure what medical kit to order.
Thanks, Susan M.

Dr. Jacob’s Answer:

I commend you for solo sailing at your young and vigorous age of 73- Probably the most important element in maintaining your health at sea is a good physical exam, female exam, blood work, possibly an exercise stress test, and a review with your physician of any possible medical problems that might arise during your trip. You need to review your medical history in detail.

For a solo sailor on an extended trip, theĀ  Marine 1000 would be ideal, supplemented with medications (antibiotics etc) necessary for a prolonged cruise.

You may want to read a paper I wrote on marine medical kits (view in browser or download Word Document), which might be helpful in expanding your basic supplies.

Good luck and safe sailing,

Michael Jacobs, M.D.


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