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Ultralight & Watertight .5 Saves the Day!

Sent to us on 07/16/08 by Michael S. – Columbus, OH

Here is a story about my Ultralight & Watertight .5 that I am sure you will enjoy.

I have lunch with my parents every Tuesday while they are volunteering at the local hospital. A few weeks ago I was walking thru the hospital parking lot at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center, Cambridge, Ohio, when I recognized a client of mine. He is in his early 80’s and also volunteers. His shift starts at 1 pm. He had just stood up after tripping and falling on a curb in the parking lot. We walked into the hospital lobby/waiting room and I used the supplies in my medical kit to wipe up some blood on his cut fingers, and scrapped knee. I put some antiseptic on his knee, and put Band-Aids on his fingers and knee because NONE of the employees in the hospital in the lobby/waiting room or at the front desk had anything. No Band-Aids, no gauze, absolutely nothing. Employees and nurses went to look for Band-Aids, gauze, and some antiseptic and could not find any. Absolutely nothing!! I have to say that again. Absolutely nothing!!

So here you have it. This Ultralight and Watertight .5 medical kit was of more use to him than the entire hospital and these hospital employees and nurses running around like chickens with their heads cut off looking for supplies.

Adventure Medical Kits saves the day again.!

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