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Will my sleeping bag fit inside my bivvy?

Question: Do you think i could fit a sleeping bag inside your emergency bivy?

AMK Answer:


Thanks for your question.

It depends on how big your bag is. Most bags will, however extra long or below zero bags might be a tight fit.

The Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy is non-breathable so if you put a sleeping bag inside of it you would create a bit of condensation and perhaps get the outside of the bag and insulation wet. It would get you out of the weather however, so a little condensation would be a small price to pay. If your bag has a water resistant outer shell this would help kepp your insulation from getting wet.

I have used the Thermo-lite 2.0 Bivvy with a sleeping bag inside and although I did get some condensation, it was not of significant consequence. The Thermo-lite 2.0 Bivvy has a foot vent and side opening so there is more air flow helping to keep condensation down.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Frank Meyer

Marketing Director/Co-Founder


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