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Heatsheets Blanket as Ground Cover?

Regarding your Heatsheets and like items, how durable are they?  I was thinking of using them as a ground sheet.  I do ultralight backpacking and it would be a unique option if it was durable enough for more than one use.



Hi James-

I got your question about using Heatsheets as a ground cover for Ultralight backpacking.  My answer would be a qualified “yes”… for a skilled ultralight backpacker, a Heatsheets blanket will make a suitable ground cover.  It won’t last forever, but the big advantage of the material is that it is repairable, meaning that if it gets torn or punctured, you can just tape up the blemish (or do nothing), and the blanket won’t crumble apart like a traditional mylar blanket will.  That being said, the material is extremely thin (I don’t have an exact measurement, but we’re talking thousandths of a millimeter here), so you would need to care for it in the field the same way you do with any other ultralight gear (eg- clear your shelter site from rocks, sticks, and pointy objects; treat it carefully when stored; etc.).  If you’re still in the process of making the transition to ultralight and most of your gear is still the standard bomber stuff you’d get at REI, I’d recommend developing your ultralight habits a little bit before relying on the Heatsheets blanket as your only ground cover.  However, if you already know how to treat a Gossamer Gear Mariposa backpack differently from a Gregory Whitney and are down with silnylon, spinnaker, and Cuben fiber, I’d say to have at it.

Thanks again for your interest, and please contact me if you have any other questions.

Jordan Hurder
Product Specialist


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