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Which kit should I keep in the house and car?


Which kit would you recommend to keep around the house or in the car?

Thanks, Chris


I have carried the Mountain Series Comprehensive Kit in my car for the past 20 years. It is my favorite kit and with the detachable inner bag inside you have a kit for day trips as well. Of course, any of the Mountain series kits would work well for the car or home. The Comprehensive has always been my favorite and it was the first kit Adventure Medical Kits launched in 1989.


Frank Meyer, Marketing Director/Co-Founder


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  1. Vitaly Says:

    Yes, Rosa, this is definitely helpful! To be able to print this out and keep on my desk so we don’t have to hunt thru each kit to find what we are looking for saves a lot of time. There are just so many good techniques in the series that it’s hard to remember just where everything was so this is really a help.Thank you,Alene

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