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Everest Update from IMG

IMG Climbers to Camp 3

April 27, 2009 – from Eric Simonson, IMG Expedition Leader

Today was another good one for the IMG team. The weather cooperated and the wind died down, allowing five sherpas to carry to the Col. Four more went to C3, where they set up more tents. Climbing to Camp 3 today were Kamen, Petya, Karel, and Dawes, who are now all spending the night there with their personal sherpas. Hamill and his crew, along with John and Chris, took an acclimatization climb to the base of the Lhotse Face today. Vernovage and his Lhotse team ascended to C2, along with the Singapore team. Shea moved up to C1. Scott, Ed, and Rejean descended to BC.

IMG Team at Camp 3
Camp 3 at 23,500′ midway up the step Lhotse Face.  Climbers begine sleeping on oxygen here, and crampons must be used outside of tents to move around on the ice.

We had additional sherpas carries today to C1 and C2, and tomorrow we have a number of sherpas moving to C2 to start making carries to the Col. So, things are rolling and we are shooting to get C4 at the Col well established in the next few days, as weather allows. Jangbu has a meeting scheduled tomorrow with a number of the sirdars of the various teams to start making plans to fix above the Col.

You can follow the IMG team’s progress on their Everest 2009 Blog.

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