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Should I Add a Hemostatic Agent to My First Aid Kit?


Do you recommend adding Celox powder to first aid kits? My situation is carrying the master FAK for a crew of 8-10 scouts and adults for 10+ days backpacking at Philmont.

Thanks, Dan


Dear Dan,

I do recommend carrying a “Hemostatic dressing” for adventures like yours where the activities are higher risk and the remoteness of your adventure means professional medical care will not arrive quickly.

AMK prefers using QuikClot® instead of Celox because of its ease of use. QuikClot® contains the mineral zeolite which has a tremendous capacity to absorb fluids. The zeolite is contained in a sterile mesh pouch which you simply place over the wound and apply direct pressure. The zeolite beads quickly absorb the smaller water molecules out of the blood and leaves the platelets and other clotting factors in the wound to form a strong clot.

The advantage to a mesh pouch is that in higher wind conditions the beads won’t blow away and you can apply the QuikClot® dressing no matter what position the patient is in i.e. hanging from a harness or rope. When QuikClot® first came out it was a pretty “hot” clotting agent. Temperatures of the dressing would reach 135F. causing burns to the skin. QuikClot® is now pre-loaded with water so that the dressing reaches only 105F, about the temperature of a hot tub. What is interesting to note is why the QuikClot® dressing gets hot. The heat in the dressing is generated by the speed of the water molecules moving from the blood to the zeolite mineral beads.

You can buy QuikClot® here. or click here to learn more.

Have a great trip.

Frank Meyer
Adventure Medical Kits
Marketing Director and Co-Founder


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