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IMG Notes From the Top – Summits of Everest and Lhotse

IMG teams have successfully summited both Everest and Lhotse this Spring.  There was a lot of action on both mountains between May 19th & 20th – read below for notes from the top!

Notes from Everest from IMG Expedition Leader Eric Simonson –

IMG’s sherpa team, as always, has done another outstanding job this year. We are proud to recognize that IMG’s sherpas were the first people to summit both Everest and Lhotse this year while putting in the fixed ropes on the route and paving the way for everyone else. We can’t praise them enough!

View from the summit, climbers take the final few steps to the top of Mt. Everest, 29,035′.
(photo: Willie Benegas)

Everest summiters include three members of our awesome Singapore women’s team, Jane, Li Hui, and Esther. US Astronaut and medical scientist Scott Parazynski reached the top along with Dawes Eddy, a remarkable athlete from Spokane, Washington. We believe Dawes has just become the oldest American to ever reach the summit of Everest.

We are also happy to announce IMG summits on Lhotse as reported to the Nepal officials.

Phillipe at the top of the Lhotse Couloir with the Western Cwm below.

The following team members of IMG Lhotse Expedition reached the summit of Lhotse at 07:45am on May 20, 2009:

  1. Chhewang Lendu Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Ward #9 Phortse Village — this is Chhewang’s 3rd Lhotse summit (2nd on this trip)
  2. Gregory Vernovage (USA)
  3. Philippe Robin Arslanian (France)

Greg and Philippe descended today to Base Camp, then headed on down the valley to catch their flights. Before leaving they told the story of their Lhotse climb, which they both described as an amazing adventure that was exciting, strenuous, and challenging.  They left Lhotse Camp 4 above the Geneva Spur with Chhewang Lendu at 1:45am and climbed to the base of the which they reached at 3:00. Then, they ascended straight up the Lhotse Couloir to the summit of the world’s fourth highest peak, reaching the top at 7:45am. From the top they had great views of Everest. They started down at 8:15, and it took them two hours to rapell and arm rapell their way back down to Camp 4 — a steep and direct descent!

Read the full reports here.


Eric also mentioned that he “spent last night spent last night up at Pumori Camp 1 watching live sherpa helmet cam video come in by microwave from the summit climbers, as part of the Discovery Channel filming.”

“It was pretty exciting to watch, and I will look forward to seeing the show”.

We second that opinion – it will be really interesting to watch the teams on the Discovery Channel this Fall.

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