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What Do I Need In a Medical Kit for Skydiving?

I want to build a first aid kit for our Drop Zone and would like your recommendations on contents for skydiving related incidents. I know all the basic items but would like your thoughts on splints and slings etc.While small cuts and sprained ankles etc are what we see most, we should be prepared for more serious incidents to include broken bones, puncture wounds (in the event of a tree landing)etc. If you could email me a list I would greatly appreciate it.

Kevin, I would use the Fundamentals kit in our Mountain Series and add a QuikClot Dressing to stop severe bleeding. This kit will have everything you need from splinting fractures to wrapping sprains and dealing with puncture wounds. The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine included in the kit will describe how to use the supplies. Once you buy the kit and register it you can enjoy 25% off your refill supplies if you need to refurbish.

Thanks for the question.

Frank Meyer

Marketing Director/Co-Founder


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