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Adventure Medical Kits’ Comp Guide on Your iPhone

Content from AMK’s A Comprehensive Guide To Wilderness & Travel Medicine, 3rd Edition, penned by Eric A. Weiss, MD, is now available for download via a new iPhone application called iMedjet.

Developed by MedjetAssist, a Birmingham, Alabama-based company offering emergency medical evacuation services to travelers, iMedjet includes The Guide’s easy-to-access info on diagnosing and treating fractures and dislocations, allergic reactions, altitude sickness, insect stings, snake bites and heart attacks, among other potentially life threatening emergencies.Like the book, the app also features helpful illustrations and special sections on preparing for foreign travel and treating common travel-related diseases.

In addition to the app, Medjet is also offering Adventure Medical Kits’ customers special reduced rates on its services. To take advantage of the discounts, be sure to reference Adventure Medical Kits when calling MedjetAssist. Now, there’s no excuse not to have Dr. Weiss’ book with you all of the time! Download iMedjet for free at the iTunes App Store.


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