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How To Make GlacierGel Dressings Adhere to Bottom Of Foot


I bought a pack of the GlacierGel to use on the ball of my foot, and despite following the instructions they quickly fell off.  Just wondering why that was?  For the time they were on it did drastically reduce the pain, so job well done there.  Is it just the nature of the bottom of the foot, and if so how do you recommend keeping the in place?  Sean M.


Hi Sean,

The bottom of the foot is a tough place to stick a dressing.  Make sure you clean around the blister with an alcohol pad first, let it dry, and then stick the dressing on.  Many of our kits contain tincture of benzoin, which can be used around the blister as well to increase adhesion.  Finally, you can wrap a strip or two of cloth tape completely around your foot to hold the dressing in place as a last resort, although we don’t usually recommend covering the GlacierGel dressings, since it interferes with the breathability of the dressing.

Thanks for your interest, and let us know if you have any more questions!



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