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Rebecca Rusch Wins the Leadville 100

Rebecca Rusch – 24 Hour Solo Mtn Bike Champ chalks up another win at the Leadville 100!

Rebecca, who won the  solo world championships at the end of July, was the fastest woman of the day in Leadville. She won with a time of 8:14:53, approximately one hour and 45 minutes behind the overall winner Lance Armstrong. Her time placed her in 30th overall among the men and she beat her closest female competitor by 25 minutes.

Rebecca Rusch and Lance Armstrong

Excerpt from:
Hot of the Wire: Leadville Full Report – By Rebecca Rusch

Last weekend, I lined up at the start line of the Leadville 100, the highest altitude and biggest endurance mountain bike race there is.  Over 1,500 people, including Lance Armstrong, lined up for the event in the frigid, wee hours of the morning at 10,200 ft. … Approximately 1,300 racers started the race at 5:45 am, just after it became light.  …

It was a bit of a whirlwind getting the bike and myself sorted to race so soon after coming home from 24 hour World Championships.  I did not want to pass up the opportunity to compete in the Leadville 100.  It’s a legendary event, but I did have some major trepidation about how I would perform at such high altitude so soon after a grueling 24-hour solo effort.  It normally takes me at least four weeks to feel right again after a 24 and I was sitting right on three weeks for the Leadville start.  I spent the 3 weeks in between Worlds and Leadville riding the fine line between recovering, healing my body and trying to milk the season’s peak to last a bit longer than originally planned.

Read the whole story on Rebecca’s Blog.

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