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AMKs’ BPA-Free S.O.L. Survival Water Bottle

AMKs’ BPA-Free S.O.L. Survival Water Bottle – The Only Bottle That Can Save Your Life Even When It’s Empty!

The recent admission from SIGG that the aluminum bottles it had produced prior to August 2008 contained the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) has once again put into sharp focus the safety of all water bottles. There is one way, however, you can be sure your next water bottle does not contain BPA or any other potentially harmful chemicals — that’s to select one made from stainless steel, like AMK’s new S.O.L. Survival Bottle.

Made of tough food-grade, 201 stainless steel, the BPA-free S.O.L. Survival Bottle will not dent nearly as easily as aluminum bottles, which contain inner linings which, if broken, can leach chemicals that can potentially contaminate water. AMK’s S.O.L. Survival Water bottle will hold up to 750 ml of water, but its much more than just a liquid container.

Unlike most water bottle manufacturers, which emblazon the exterior of their bottles with a logo or design, AMK used this otherwise ignored real estate to offer valuable information on everything related to water and hydration.

Printed on the outside of the bottle are a multitude of tips and facts — ranging from the useful (“How to find Water in the Desert”; “How to Purify Water”) to the novel (“Number of years it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose”; “Number of plastic bottles thrown away each hour”) — which lend the S.O.L. Survival Water bottle an added level of utility not found in competitor bottles. In reality, it truly is the only bottle that can save your life — even when it is empty!

The S.O.L. bottle is also safe to boil water in and comes with a sturdy screw top and carabiner, allowing you to attach it to your backpack for your next outdoor excursion.

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