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AMK’s Adventurer on The Amazing Race: Series 15, Episode 4

AMK’s Light & Fast Adventurer kit made a cameo appearance on the October 11th broadcast of the hit reality TV series, The Amazing Race. In episode 4, the Adventurer shows up when contestants Zev and Justin arrive at the Shrine Wat Phnom, one of the key pit stops in the show, which this season in set in Cambodia. Though leading at the time, the two realize that they’ve misplaced their passports and if they can’t find them soon they’ll lose the race.

They proceed to empty their backpacks, which is when we see the Adventurer kit, strewn amongst clothes and other items.

Light & Fast Adventurer Kit on the Amazing Race

Spoiler Alert: Zev and Justin are ultimately eliminated by the end of show. Oh, well. Good to know reality TV stars select the best medical kits available.

It’s not the first time Hollywood has taken an interest in AMK’s products. A few years ago, an episode of The Ghost Whisperer included the Pocket Survival Pak.  AfterBite had a walk-on in the 2007 Scarlett Johansson flick The Nanny Diaries. And more recently, the producers of Survive This, hosted by survival expert Les Stroud, used several of AMK’s survival kits and bivvies.

Upcoming: AMK’s AfterBite insect bite and sting treatment as well as Natrapel 8 hour and Ben’s insect repellents are slated to appear in the new disaster flick 2012, due out November 13th .

If you see an AMK product in a movie or TV show, e-mail us at and — if  we haven’t heard of it — we’ll send you a prize.

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