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Ask the Doc – QuikClot Question


I have a question about QuikClot – does it work and is it contraindicated for any type of injury?

Thanks,  Michael Z.


Hi Michael-

Thanks for your question about QuikClot.  In short: yes, QuikClot is very effective at speeding the clotting process.  It has been tested in numerous clinical trials and in real world situations involving military, law enforcement, and emergency first response personnel.  The formula that we use does not generate heat (like the “old” QuikClot) and thus will not leave burns on the wound site.

Also, because the mineral that constitutes QuikClot is chemically inert, contraindications are very rare.  The only injury in which I would recommend not using QuikClot is one immediately around the eye (in which there is a possibility that QuikClot will come into contact with the eyeball), since it is an eye irritant.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and thanks again for your interest.

Jordan Hurder
Product Specialist

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