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I really love the products you present. There are many to choose from regarding first aid. That is my problem. I am a hunter and fisherman in the state of Alabama and have never strayed from this state in for my hobbies. I know Alabama is not Africa in terms of large carnivores, but I have had some scraps with a wild hog (hawg, in Alabama), and once was pinned by several coyotes. The hog I killed bare handed, not unscathed mind you, and the coyotes I fought off with a homemade spear i fashioned out of my hunting knife and a long branch while in a pine tree. That stuff was funny then after it was over, but now that I am a father I am thinking differently.

I would like your recommendations for my needs on a medical/survival kit. What I want is three kits. One for each of my two vehicles and one major pack for my home that can be grabbed in case of an emergency like a tornado, etc. I have looked at all your products, but I am still at a loss as to which one would outfit me the best. The most diverse a group with me would be is 3 male adults, two female adults, one male child, and 2 female children. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jeremy Smith


Dear Jeremy,

Many of us only dream of the adventures you have. Maybe nightmare would be a better word for some of us.

I recommend the Sportsman Hunter or Outfitter Medical Kit for your two vehicles. Both of those kits have a detachable inner bag (kit) you can take with you in the field while leaving the larger kit in the truck.  I would add the QuikClot 25gram Sport to each of those kits.  This is a blood stopping dressing that works fast. I imagine a hawg or pack of coyotes could take quite a chunk out of your leg.

It sounds like you would be a great candidate for the Pocket Survival Pak. Keep this on you at all times. You could work your way out of any jam with it.

For your home I would recommend the Mountain Series Fundamentals or the Sportsman Outfitter kit. All of the kits I have recommended are ideal for either remote areas or when you are cut off from medical care by a natural disaster.

Please keep us posted on any exciting new adventures.

Be Safe,

Frank Meyer, Co-Founder/Marketing Director

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