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Why Carrying a Sterile Suture Kit is a Good Idea…


I am a fan of your medical kits and just saw that the one of your Travel Kits had a suture kit in it, good idea. I just got back from a few months in Colombia with a smaller  Travel Kit that did not have the sutures. Went on a hike and about two days in, I gashed open my shin. Some Colombian military guys came by and stitched me up with a sewing needle, needless to say it was not pleasant.

Getting Stitched up in Columbia

Getting Stitched up in Columbia

I think an upgrade is necessary for my next trip. Anyway thought you guys might get a kick out of that, I sent a picture of it as well. Keep up the good work your kits have saved my butt in more than one country!

W. Gatchell

AMK Response:  Thanks for the feedback!  Just to clarify, our Suture/Syringe Medic is now sold separately and can be added to any Travel or other line of medical kits that we offer.  Always a good idea to add some QuikClot to your first aid kit as well, just in case you need to stop the bleeding and don’t have a professional around to stitch you up.

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