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AMK Donates to Earthquake Relief Effort in Haiti

To help support the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, Adventure Medical Kits has donated thousands of medical supplies through the non-profit disaster relief organization AmeriCares.

Items AMK sent include topical burn treatments, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, sterile gauze dressings and other materials used for cleaning and dressing wounds.

Following the aftermath of a major natural disaster, materials for treating and disinfecting wounds are typically in high demand for relief workers who are tending to the injured. With its logistical expertise in executing major relief programs, AmeriCares is ideally suited to deliver essential medical supplies to the people of Haiti.

Formed in 1982, AmeriCares is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, and maintains offices in India, Sri Lanka and El Salvador. Over its 28-year history, it has participated in multiple disaster relief efforts around the globe.

“It’s our sincere hope that our efforts with AmeriCares, along with the donations we continue to make through other aid  organizations, will in some measure help the Haitian people to weather the very tough days that they face ahead,” said AMK’s marketing director and co-founder Frank Meyer.

AMK sent medical supplies to AmeriCares in packs provided by The North Face.

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