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Backpacker Picks Three AMK Products for Spring Gear Guide

Backpacker recently honored Adventure Medical Kits by selecting three of our products for inclusion in the magazine’s influential Gear Guide issue. BP”s editorial staff chose AMK’s Day Tripper kit (first aid kit),  Blister Medic (blister treatment) and the Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy (lightweight bivvy) for the Guide’s “Essentials” category. Here’s what Backpacker said about  each product:


Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy

“It packs down to the size of a kiwi fruit and weighs less than four ounces, but this lifesaver reflects 90% of your body heat.”

0100-0116 Day Tripper_Closed

Day Tripper

“Includes everything you need for trips up to a weekend. Bandages, blister treatments, anti-inflammatories and sting aids are organized by purpose, so you can find stuff fast.”

0155-0667 Blister Medic

Blister Medic

“Includes everything for preventing and treating blisters.”

Backpacker‘s Gear Guide (April 2010) will be hitting news stands shortly. Be sure pick up a copy.

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