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AMK to Support Community Screenings of Lyme Disease Documentary ‘Under Our Skin’

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AMK will be providing educational support materials at community screenings of the award winning documentary Under Our Skin — a film which examines Lyme disease, a highly debilitating disease spread by ticks that has become one of the most controversial and fastest growing health problems of our time.

At select screenings this Spring, Adventure® Medical Kits and its parentco Tender Corp. will distribute copies of special Tick Reference Cards, which include tips for identifying and safely removing ticks as well recognizing symptoms of Lyme disease. AMK and Tender will also provide free samples of its DEET-free insect repellent Natrapel® 8 hour to attendees.

Natrapel 8 hour contains 20% picaridin, recommended by CDC to repel ticks

Natrapel 8 hour contains 20% picaridin, recommended by CDC to repel ticks

Spread by the Deer Tick, Lyme disease is an infectious disease that can cause long-term and ongoing illness with a range of symptoms that include chronic pain, fatigue and anxiety. According to the CDC’s statistics, close to 29,000 cases of Lyme disease were confirmed in 2008, with another 6000 cases suspected.  However, as the film Under Our Skin documents, Lyme disease is often difficult to test accurately, which means tens of thousands of people go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed each year.

Look for Natrapel® 8 hour educational Tick Cards and Wipe samples at screenings of Under Our Skin at the following venues:

-University of New Hampshire – Manchester, NH – April 13

-Sherman Theatre – Stroudsburg, PA – April 24

-Peace in Medicine – Sebastopol, CA – April 27

-Winthrop Performing Arts Center – Winthrop, ME – April 30

-Scripps Ranch Library – San Diego, CA – May 4

Click here for full details on AMK and Tender Corp.’s  support of the community screenings of Under Our Skin.

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