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AMK Donates Gear to Boy Scouts’ 100th Anniversary Jamboree

Look for AMK gear at the BSA's National Jamboree

Adventure® Medical Kits is proud to announce that it has donated gear to the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th Anniversary National Jamboree, which is taking place this week at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.

Working in concert with Scout Troops 364 and 361, of Madison, AL, AMK is supporting the Jamboree with the donation thousands of samples of DEET-free Natrapel® 8 hour insect repellent wipes, which will distributed along with “Be Safe” outdoor first aid pamphlets in goodie bags to scout leaders. In addition, AMK is also providing a variety of its medical kits, survival packs and hygiene products, including the alcohol-free Adventure® Hand Sanitizer and Fresh Bath Travel Wipes.

Throughout the Jamboree, Troops 364 and 361 will use the AMK products to teach four outdoor merit badges — for camping, hiking, backpacking and cooking – to scouts in attendance. All of the AMK gear will also be showcased in designated areas as “suggested products” that scouts should pack when camping, backpacking or hiking.

Separately, AMK is also shipping a significant amount of Natrapel® 8 hour wipes to the Scouts’ New York City Jamboree, which will take over part of Times Square from July 30 – August 1st. NYC-based outdoor retailer Tents & Trails will hand out the wipes on behalf of AMK along with prizes for troops, including AMK’s Day Tripper medical kit and stainless steel SOL Survival Bottle.

Natrapel 8 hour wipes to be distributed to Scouts at Times Square Jamboree

Whatever Jamboree you’re attending this week, be sure to make it a safe one!

Best — Adventure® Medical Kits.

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