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AMK’s Kyle Peter Takes on 15 Peaks in Desolation Wilderness

Only 13 more peaks to go!

Kyle Peter, Adventure Medical Kits’ East Coast sales manager, adventure racing pro par excellence and all-round thrill seeking freak, is at it again. This weekend Kyle is attempting to scale 15 peaks in Desolation Wilderness, the wilderness area located along the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Kyle and two friends, Dennis Wilkinson and Mats Jansson, kicked off their journey early this morning. The loop the three will be traveling covers 35 rugged miles and about 15,000 vertical feet. The 15 peaks they will be scaling range from 8,600 ft to 10,000 ft in elevation.

Kyle will be posting pics and updates throughout  the weekend here. You can also track the trio, who are well equipped with AMK gear, including  Ultralight .7 kits, Heatsheets Emergency Bivvies and QuikClot Sport, at

Best of luck, Kyle!

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