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What’s the Best Medical Kit for Disaster Preparedness?

Q: I live in an Earthquake Zone, and I was wondering which medical kit would you advise for me if a quake hits and I need to help some people, as well as a kit I can keep in my home?

A: If you are planning on administering care to other victims, you will want a kit with enough contents to treat a large group and an organization system that is easy to use in an emergency. For this reason, I recommend ourMountain SeriesĀ Comprehensive kit, which contains a wide range of wound care supplies for trauma scenarios like those encountered during an earthquake, as well as our Easy Care organization system that organizes contents in injury-specific pockets with quick-reference instruction cards. The Comprehensive makes a great home preparedness kit as well, since it contains a number of specialized medical instruments that are difficult to improvise and might be impossible to obtain during an extended disaster scenario.

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  1. Frank Meyer Says:

    I’ve kept a Comprehensive kit in my car for the last 20 years! I have had to update a few times, but otherwise in great shape. The peace of mind knowing you can handle about any emergency is priceless.

  2. Scarlet Brown Says:

    A wide range of earthquake & disaster kits, for office, school, home or individual use are required to make one truly prepared.Precautions are always needed specially in earthquake prone areas. for These kits contain emergency food, water, shelter and first aid kits. Better prepare yourself and your family to increase your chances of surviving the next disaster be it an earthquake, blackout, hurricane or winter storm.

    Pouch Water,Aqua Boxes,Ready 2 Eat meals,Pet meals,Signals, Light sticks, & Glow-sticks,Multi Function Light & Radio Combination,super bright LED lights,High quality AM/FM radio with external speaker,Cell phone charger,Mega-Function Lantern,Office & Classroom Emergency Kits,C.E.R.T. Products and Gear,American Red Cross Kits,Auto Emergency & Survival Kits,Emergency & Disaster Tools,Emergency Communication Solutions,Evacuation & Fire Supplies,Search & Rescue Equipment,Sanitary Supplies,First Aid Survival Kits,Empty Storage Bags,Water Bottles & Containers all these things are needed for emergency time.

    And specially for medical precautions ,i think the following things are required-

    The Smart Bag
    2400 Calorie Food Bar
    Water Pouches
    Plastic Whistle w/lanyard
    12 Hour Light Stick
    Adhesive Tape
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Ace Bandage
    35 Page First Aid Guide
    Single Plastic Bandages
    Fingertip bandage
    Knuckle Bandage
    2×3 Patch Bandage
    Eye Pads
    Single Blistex
    Non Aspirin
    Alcohol Wipes
    Burn Free Insect Sting Relief
    Hand Sanitizer
    Doctors Penlight
    Large Solar Blanket
    Waterproof Tape
    2×2 Sterile Gauze Pads
    3×3 Sterile Gauze Pads(2
    4×4 Sterile Gauze Pad

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