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Tender Employee Embarks on Ride of a Lifetime


Vern in Tender’s NH offices

Vern Schrum, Product Regulatory Manager for Adventure Medical Kits and our parent company Tender Corp., has begun the process of crossing off a major item on his Bucket List. The 49-year-old, who we all turn to whenever questions pertaining to the FDA, EPA and other important sounding acronyms come up, recently set out to ride his bike solo across the country.

Ostensibly following the Adventure Cycling Association’s (ACA) Southern Tier Route, but with some minor tweaks, Vern’s journey will take him from St. Augustine, FL, to San Diego, CA. He’ll then head north, connecting with the ACA’s Pacific Coast route, before finishing up in Arroyo Grande, CA. The once-in-a-lifetime trip will see him cross through seven states and cover more than 3200 miles. He expects to finish the ride in 75 days, which will include 10 off days. We spoke to him prior to leaving for Florida.

Q. So Vern, why the big trip now and can I have your cubicle till you get back?

A. Well, hitting 49 this year has prompted me to ‘you know what or get off the pot’! In April I decided if I don’t do it now I will always find an excuse not to do it.I am also dedicating this trip to my father, who passed away from cancer at a young age, and to all those whose lives were cut short by cancer and were unable to do that one thing they always wanted to do.


Vern has packed plenty of AMK and Tender gear into his panniers, including the new as-yet-released breathable SOL Escape Bivvy, which he’ll be rigorously field testing throughout the journey.

Check back here for regular updates on Vern’s progress and on crazyguyonabike, where he’s also blogging. And if you feel the urge, donate to a Cancer Research charity.

Be Safe Vern. See you in December!

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