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Gear Junkie Touts Breathable SOL Escape Bivvy in Top 10 Gear List

Though our new SOL Escape Bivvy won’t hit store shelves until January 2012, the product continues to receive major awards from leading outdoor interest media. The most recent plaudits come courtesy of prominent outdoor gear blog, the Gear Junkie, which included the Escape Bivvy in its 2011 “Top 10 Gear List”.

The Bivvy also received a 2011 “Best in Show” award — recognizing the most innovative gear that debuted at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show — from the Gear Junkie in August and a Fall/Winter 2011 “Gear of the Year” nod from National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Here’s what the Gear Junkie had to say about the SOL Escape Bivvy, following a thorough field test of the product earlier this fall:

“I can say hands-down that the SOL Escape Bivvy is the finest minimal/emergency bivy solution I have ever seen. We woke up dry even after going to bed wet in this truly breathable bag!  It’s about 8 ounces rolled up, and it is well worth the weight in your pack.”

Click here to read the Gear Junkie’s full review the SOL Escape Bivvy.

3 Responses to “Gear Junkie Touts Breathable SOL Escape Bivvy in Top 10 Gear List”

  1. Search and Rescue Equipment Says:

    Cool thing to put in a larger SAR pack. Great piece of emergency Search and Rescue Equipment.

  2. Ronald L Black Says:

    When will you be putting out a breathable 2-person SOL Escape Bivvy?

  3. Kris Hathaway Says:

    Hi Ronald,
    That product will be on the market in April 2017. Watch for a preview soon. Thanks!

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