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What’s the Difference between a Space® Blanket and a Heatsheets® Emergency Survival Blanket?

When a company is the first to bring a new product concept to market, the brand name can become so well known that it becomes synonymous with the product itself. Xerox® did it when it invented the copier, Kleenex® did it with tissues, and Band-Aid® is known the most for bandages. In the outdoor industry, some might consider the “Space® Blanket” brand to have managed this same feat.

While the Space® brand may be the name people use to refer to this line of products, there are remarkable differences between the Space® brand blankets and AMK’s line of Heatsheets® Emergency Blankets.


The only real similarities are that they both reflect your radiated body heat back to you to help keep you warm.  But even the amount of heat reflected back to you varies between the two brands. Here are the main advantages of our Heatsheets® Survival Blanket:

  • Heatsheets® metalized poly-blankets reflect up to 90% of radiated heat back to you versus the 80% capability of the Space® brand polyester metalized blanket.
  • Heatsheets® Survival Blanket has survival instructions printed directly on the blanket to help you survive the unexpected night outdoors.
  • Heatsheets® Survival Blanket is 20% larger and able to fit two people inside.
  • Heatsheets® Emergency Bivvy has taped seams, has enough room for on person plus their gear and is waterproof.
  • Heatsheets® Emergency 2-Person Bivvy is larger enough for two full sized adults.

You can further compare our entire line of Heatsheets® blankets and Bivvies to other Space® brand Metalized polyester blankets and bags:

Heatsheets Material

  • Heatsheets® are 30%-50% thicker and more durable.
  • Heatsheets® are puncture resistant and do not shred apart when they are edge-nicked, as metalized polyester blankets do. They stand up better in wind and tears don’t have to turn into disasters.
  • Heatsheets® color coding (orange on the outside, silver for inside) ensures high thermal return. Without the color coding, you run a 50% risk of wrapping yourself with the heat-reflective side out which results in losing 34% of design performance.
  • Heatsheets® metalized-poly blankets are softer and quieter. Mylar and Space® blankets rattle and crinkle (very noisy) and can be an extra annoyance in a survival situation.
  • Space® blankets are difficult to open especially when wearing gloves. They are rolled-and-fold and form hard creases that often grab and tear while opening, particularly after they’ve been stored for long periods.
  • Heatsheets® LDPE-4 blankets are easy to open – even with gloves on – because they are center-fold and flip-folded without hard creases.
  • Heatsheets® LDPE-4 blankets can be recycled with produce and carryout bags at grocery store collection points and recycling centers. Mylar (Space®) blankets are not recyclable.

How do Heatsheets® keep me warm?


The reflective insulation layer of Heatsheets® brand blankets reflects up to 97% of your body’s radiant heat to form a warm ‘envelope’ of air. This is achieved by wrapping the blanket around your torso to reduce the risk of hypothermia. Anyone can become hypothermic, even in mild weather conditions. The best way to prevent this is to trap body heat in BEFORE core temperature begins to drop.

Can my Heatsheets blanket be recycled?
Yes! Heatsheets® blankets are made from metalized low density polyethylene (LDPE) and carry the recycling code Type 4. While Type 4 film plastics are not normally collected at curbside, your community may offer recycling opportunities for number 4 plastics at a central collection point like grocery stores or community recycling centers.

Are Heatsheets® environmentally safe?

  • Our printing partner holds an EPR Certification (Environmentally Preferred Rating). Heatsheets® are printed in California, where state law (AB 455) prohibits the use of heavy metals in inks or materials. Most of the inks used are water based (as opposed to solvents), minimizing air pollution. During film extrusion and the printing process, scrap and waste are recycled whenever possible.
  • Heatsheets® are produced from FDA food-grade LDPE-4 resin.

Can I reuse my Heatsheets® blanket?
Yes! We encourage you to be environmentally conscious and save/reuse your Heatsheets® blanket. The Heatsheets® material is definitely durable enough to use more than once. It can be placed in your car and used if you are stranded in bad/cold weather. You can fold it up and take it in your backpack while hiking or stash it in your coat pocket while skiing.  Please consider the environment before throwing away your Heatsheets® reflective blanket.

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  1. Travis Walker Says:

    This is a great product. I always bring with me an emergency blanket or anything that can keep me warm when during cold climates outdoors. I like that it’s recycable, and that I can use the blanket more than once. The ability to accomodate 2 people is also great.

  2. Danne Says:

    Hey! Awesome article 🙂
    I found a fun and easy way of learning the survival tricks check em out

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