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Are You #AdventureEquipped?

Kevin Jorgeson free climbing El Capitan's Dawn Wall

Adventure Medical Kits’ Ambassador Kevin Jorgeson free climbing El Capitan’s Dawn Wall

Adventure Equipped


  • A state of preparedness when embarking on an adventure big or small.
  • An adventurous person who seeks to push his limits outdoors and is prepared.

We are all adventurous souls. From climbers, to adventure racers, mountaineers and weekend warriors, we live to get outside and explore. We may not know our limits, and we usually push our limits, but what is most important is to be prepared, or what we like to call #AdventureEquipped.

Every time we head outdoors, we know that the intrinsic reward far outweighs the risk. That is what keeps us going. We also know that being prepared offers us the most potential for success. Are you #AdventureEquipped? Here are a few ways to know.


  1. Research: You research where you are going
    and are familiar with the country, the language,
    the route that you are taking.
  2. Training: You know the proper fuel and training
    you need to prepare.
  3. First Aid: You are carrying the appropriate first-
    aid kit for any emergency small or large and have
    first-aid “know how.”
  4. Gear: You are carrying the right gear based on
    weather, distance and activity.
  5. Flexible to Change: You are flexible and know how
    to quickly change your plans based on weather or
    other emergencies, because as you know, anything
    can happen.

Are you #AdventureEquipped? Share the key items you take along on your adventures.

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