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Are You #AdventureEquipped?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
Kevin Jorgeson free climbing El Capitan's Dawn Wall

Adventure Medical Kits’ Ambassador Kevin Jorgeson free climbing El Capitan’s Dawn Wall

Adventure Equipped


  • A state of preparedness when embarking on an adventure big or small.
  • An adventurous person who seeks to push his limits outdoors and is prepared.

We are all adventurous souls. From climbers, to adventure racers, mountaineers and weekend warriors, we live to get outside and explore. We may not know our limits, and we usually push our limits, but what is most important is to be prepared, or what we like to call #AdventureEquipped.

Essential Gear for Getting Out on the Trail with Small Children

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016


Heading out on the trail for the first time with small children can be intimidating, whether you are headed for a short hike near or far. We know. That’s why we hike together and count on each other to help bring things we may have forgotten. It’s important to be prepared for emergencies of all kinds.

Remember that being prepared when heading out with a baby is important, but having this stuff isn’t going to save you in an emergency situation! So start by first really prepping for your hike. Know where you are going and what the weather is doing in your area. A hike that once may have been an easy day outing for you can become a much longer journey with a cranky baby on your back.

Guest Blogger of the Month: Danny Walton

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

And now, a little bit about our Guest blogger for this month, Danny Walton.

Danny Walton grew up slaying the skiing mecca of Cleveland, Ohio. Plenty of snow provided him with ample time to teach himself the beautiful telemark turn. Each day after school he would be out exploring and doing laps on tiny hills. When we mention tiny hills, we mean good for five to six tele turns.

He Did It! AMK Employee Completes Epic Cross-Country Bike Ride

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Vern at the ‘finish line’ in Pismo Beach, CA.

Wow, it seems like only yesterday that our Product Regulatory Manager, Vern Schrum, strapped on his cycling shoes and started peddling in pursuit of a life-long goal – to ride his bike coast to coast. Well, earlier this week he did it.

Ostensibly tracing the ACA’s Southern Tier Route, Vern set off in St. Augustine, FL, in late September and eventually completed his journey 3,382 miles and 61 days later in Pismo Beach, California, near where he grew up and where family and friends were eagerly waiting to congratulate him.

Will Cross’s Trip Planning Tips for Adventure Athletes with Diabetes

Friday, November 18th, 2011


Type 1 high altitude mountaineer and AMK-sponsored adventure athlete Will Cross provides trip planning advice for athletes with diabetes who are prepping for a major expedition or climb.

  1.  Insulin storage – Wrap the bottles or delivery devices in aluminum foil and mark using sports tape. This will insulate and protect the insulin from a hard knock. Use a small coffee thermos to protect from the heat or the cold.
  2. Foot care – Inspect your feet daily and use a foot powder or foot cream, like HealthiFeet, recommended by a podiatrist. Clean socks are imperative. Clean your nails and between the toes with the alcohol swab used for injections.

AMK-Sponsored Team Tecnu Extreme Makes Strong Showing at Adventure Racing World Championships

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Team Tecnu at finish line of Adventure Racing World Champs Race

AMK is proud to announce that our favorite group of adventure athletes, Team Tecnu Extreme/Kailash (featuring AMK’s own Kyle Peter), battled the globe’s top-ranked athletes on the rugged terrain of Tasmania to clinch 12th place at the 2011 Adventure Racing World Championships.

This was no small feat considering the epic nature of Australia’s biggest expedition race and the team is still beaming with pride at their achievement – one that now ranks them as the top team in North America.

Team Tecnu Takes Top Spot at Gold Rush Mother Lode Adventure Race

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Big congrats to AMK’s own Kyle Peter and the other members of Team Tecnu Extreme Staphaseptic, who won the Gold Rush Mother Lode Expedition Race this past weekend.

AMK's Kyle Peter & Team Tecnu Crew at Finish Line of Gold Rush Mother Lode

AMK’s Kyle Peter (pictured second from left) & Team Tecnu at Finish Line of Gold Rush Mother Lode

The team, which AMK also sponsors and supplies various survival and first aid items to, finished the race more than four hours ahead of second place Dart-Nuun and Team, which took third place. The four-day long event saw four-person co-ed teams attempt to cross a 275 mile (442.5km) course of rocky, challenging terrain in the Sierra Mountains of California.

AMK Equips Field & Stream Adventurer Jim Baird

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Adventure Medical Kits is happy to announce that it is outfitting Field & Stream Adventurer Jim Baird on his snowmobile expedition through the northern Canadian wilderness. AMK has equipped Baird, a wilderness travel expert from Toronto, with a variety of essential medical and survival gear, including the Expedition Medical Kit, the Trauma Pak with QuikClot, and the SOL Thermal and SOL Emergency Bivvies; all are indispensable items, given the remote terrain that the 29-year-old will be traveling.

AMK’s Kyle Peter Takes on 15 Peaks in Desolation Wilderness

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Only 13 more peaks to go!

Kyle Peter, Adventure Medical Kits’ East Coast sales manager, adventure racing pro par excellence and all-round thrill seeking freak, is at it again. This weekend Kyle is attempting to scale 15 peaks in Desolation Wilderness, the wilderness area located along the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Kyle and two friends, Dennis Wilkinson and Mats Jansson, kicked off their journey early this morning. The loop the three will be traveling covers 35 rugged miles and about 15,000 vertical feet. The 15 peaks they will be scaling range from 8,600 ft to 10,000 ft in elevation.

Rebecca Rusch Wins Leadville 100 — Again!

Monday, August 16th, 2010

For the second year in a row, Rebecca Rusch took top spot among women in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race, one of the most grueling and high-profile races on the mountain bike tour, which was held in and around Leadville, CO, this past weekend.

Rebecca’s winning time of 7:47:35 set a new course record, destroying the previous record, held by Laurie Brandt, by more than 11 minutes. The next closest racer behind Rusch was Amanda Carey, who came in at 8:12:54.