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Adventure Medical Kits Sponsors Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Event Series!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

romp logo

Adventure Medical Kits is a proud sponsor of the 2010 Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series.


Be Part of the Cure with AMK!

In addition to sponsoring the event and providing product samples and prizes, AMK is donating $1 for every Women’s Outdoor Medical Kit sold during the duration of the series. For every Women’s Outdoor Medical Kit sold between January 23rd and March 30th, 2010, Adventure Medical Kits will donate $1 to the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer that benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Visit our website to learn more.

Team Adventure Medical Kits/Tender Corp. will also be attending the Stratton, VT event on January 30th Come out and join us for the day! If you can’t make it to one of the events, you can help us support the cause by donating to our team.

Follow our team’s fund raising progress: AMK Blog | Facebook | Twitter.

About the Romp:

Since its inception in 2003, the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series® has engaged more than 16,000 people in the sport of snowshoeing and raised nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS for Susan G. Komen for the Cure®!

Modeled after the highly successful Race for the Cure®, the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer consists of a 3k or 5k snowshoe walk or a 3k snowshoe race. The event has grown every year and now is the largest snowshoe series in the world and includes the biggest single snowshoe event in North America (Frisco, Colorado).

The gorgeous snowshoe course, fun atmosphere, and FREE demo snowshoes* from Tubbs helps to attract participants of all levels. Nearly 25% of participants have never snowshoed before! *First come first serve.

With ongoing partnerships with the local affiliates of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the Tubbs Romp to Stomp is committed to helping stomp out breast cancer one snowshoe step at a time!

Kyle and Mari Make the Podium in Malaysia!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

kyle malasyia podium

Congratulations to Kyle and Mari for their 3rd place finish in the Perak Amanjaya International Eco Adventure.

Details of their final day of racing are below…

To read all about their journey and race – check out their blog.

kyle end of race

Day 4 – Final Stage

Kyle and I knew what had to be done for the final day of racing. We were currently in 4th place and less than 3 minutes behind a spot on the podium which was held by Team Salomon TLDM from Malaysia. The day began with a long 48 mile bike leg which the majority would all be on paved roads and flat. The first 12 miles were pretty easy as everyone rode in a peloton as expected. The next 4 miles were insane as we had to loop around some rice paddy fields. We were forced into a single file line through wet tall grass with mud underneath. It was a struggle to remain with the lead group through the slippery conditions, but we hung on. At the edge of the paddy field was a bridge that led us back to the road, but we had to heave our bikes up onto it as it was 4 ft or so off the ground. Kyle and I were back on our bikes and on the road only to find ourselves a good 200 meters behind the peloton. We knew we had gotten off the bridge before the Malaysians and needed to get back with the lead riders. Kyle took off and I got on his wheel and we road as hard as we could and eventually caught the group. We settled back into the peloton and enjoyed the pull and recovered from our sprint. The pace had slowed again and the French team(Chiru Racing Bikes) and the Japanese team each tried to break away, but each time we caught back up with them. With all the goofing around with the pace, our Malaysian friends were able to rejoin the group as well. No one would take the lead and push the pace except us and the 2 teams from South Africa (Team McCain Adventure). I took the lead and Kyle got behind me and we picked up the pace. The next thing we knew, we were all alone and the peloton had dropped behind us. We expected them to catch us, but that was the last we would see of them for the next 24 miles. Kyle and I alternated leading, giving 1 min hard pulls while the other recovered all the while thinking at any moment the freight train of riders would run us over soon, but they never came. We held 24-28 mph on our mt. bikes as we were led by a police escort and camera crews all the way to the TA. It was pretty exciting to have gotten a break-a-way from such a strong group of riders and be in the lead.

We had a quick transition into our kayak gear and were off for a short paddle in the Indian Ocean to Pangkor Island. At this point we still had no idea exactly how far ahead we were and just wanted to keep our lead as long as possible. We expected to be caught on the kayak leg, as we are not the stongest paddlers, but no one came. We reached the sandy beach and now had to run up a hill to a 60 m repel down a steep rock face right back down to the beach. Because we had done the entire bike section while wearing our climbing harnesses, there was no need for the transition and gained more valuable time on the Malaysian team who we knew was not wearing theirs.

Now we were off for a 6k run along the edge of the island through the town of Pangkor. We were still feeling pretty good and settled into a comfortable pace but tried to keep pushing. Kyle had fallen back a bit so he we connected the tow line so that we could keep together. It seemed as though the entire town of Pangkor had come out and lined both sides of the street to cheer us on. They seemed confused to find Kyle and I by ourselves , most likely looking extremely tired , and why were we tied together?? We pushed on and reached the aid station at the base of “Killing Hill”. In the race briefing the night before, the Race Director had told us that this hill was harder than the one we had done on Day 2 and had almost destroyed a few teams. We decided to take the time to load up on water before continuing up the trail. As we headed up the steep trail we still saw no one behind us. It wasn’t too much time later when we heard the Swedish team coming up behind us and moving fast. Within a few moments they had caught us, passed us, and dropped us. We kept on trekking and a few moments later, Pacific Adventure made up of 2 Americans caught us, passed us, and dropped us. We decided that was enough, and in order for us to grab 3rd overall, we had to hold onto 3rd for the stage win. We never saw another team. We reached the base of “Killing Hill”, which ended up being way easier than expected and had a short run back out to the main island road. Here we would get to choose from a group of “local” bikes and would be allowed to use one bike for the 2 of us to go the remaining 5k to the finish. Kyle immediately grabbed a bike that had the essentials…2 inflated tires, 2 pedals, at least 1 brake, and hopefully the ability to shift a gear or 2. I took off running and Kyle passed me on the bike. It was hilarious as the bikes were all for people a bit shorter than us and he looked like he was pedaling a kid’s bike. For the next 5 k, we leap frogged each other with one of us riding a short distance ahead and dropping the bike on the side of the road and then the other of us running to it, picking up the bike and continuing. There was a lot of traffic on the road and I was sure at some point our bike would either get run over or fall apart. With the bike being so small it was very difficult to ride up the few hills we had along the way to the finish and I was having flashbacks of riding my little niece and nephew’s little cruiser bikes and thinking that maybe that form of training was paying off at last. ha ha. I was just starting to feel pretty crappy and had told Kyle as he rode by me not to make me run to far when we could start to hear the sounds of the finish line. Kyle dropped the bike immediately after he passed me and was off and running hard to the finish. I barely caught him when we rounded the final turn and crossed the finish line together to finish the 4th and final stage in 3rd place. Immediately we started our watches and waited to see who would cross the finish line next. After 3 minutes we knew we had the last spot on the podium secured. As time ticked by and only the Japanese team finished, we thought we had a shot at 2nd place as Chiru Racing bikes had 6+ minute lead heading into this stage. At 4 1/2 minutes, Team Chiru crossed the finish line. It was official…

1st place: Team World of Multi-Sport from Sweden, 4 day race total of 15:30:07 (co-ed team)
2nd place: Team Chiru Racing Bikes from Australia & France, 15:50:36 (all male team)
3rd place: Kyle and Mari, Team Tecnu Extreme/Asolo, 15:51:55

To read all about their journey and race – check out their blog.

Our Own Kyle Peter Heads to Malaysia for Another Adventure Race!

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Kyle and Mari

AMK Sales Representative, Kyle Peter is racing again – this time in Malaysia!

Kyle is racing with Mari Chandler on Team Tecnu Extreme/Asolo in the Perak Amanjaya International Eco Adventure 2009 which is a new event geared towards presenting 20 of the top teams to the Asian contingency, and also showcasing on ESPN STARS. The 4-day race is set to begin on December 2nd – they will be racing across Malaysia in a super fast stage race with little navigation, short disciplines, blazing fast transitions, and beautiful terrain.

Kyle and Mari arrived in Malaysia and have spent some time relaxing and recovering from jet lag.  Tomorrow is a pre-race brief/meeting, followed by interviews with ESPN STARS network where one billion Asian households are sure to fall in love with Kyle and Mari.  After that, there is nothing but waiting and doing countless gear checks and last minute preparations before the race starts on Wednesday.

You can follow their progress on their team blog. Good luck to Kyle and Mari – we can’t wait to follow their progress and hear the stories of this epic trip!

Sarah and Kyle enjoy 26.2 miles of New York City!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
A satisified Sarah Tantillo at finish line of the NYC Marathon. Hey, is that a Heatsheets blanket?

A satisified Sarah Tantillo at finish line of the NYC Marathon. Hey, is that a Heatsheets blanket?

AMK employees, Sarah Tantillo and Kyle Peter, enjoyed their NYC marathon experience.  Sarah breezed thru in 4 hours and 9 minutes, about 7 minutes faster than her goal time of  4:15. Sarah is hoping to break 4 hours next. Kyle blistered the first half in 1 hour and 30 minutes and jogged home the rest of the way to finish in 3:44. Kyle said if he saw any outdoor stores on route he was going to  stop in and check them out.  Next year we are going to challenge him to do it in under 3:30 while writing 3 orders on route.. 🙂 That would be a productive marathon!

Congratulations to both!  We are all inspired.

Frank Meyer, Marketing Director

Kyle and Sarah off to NY City Marathon!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009
Looking calm and rested two days before the NY City Marathon

Looking calm and rested two days before the NY City Marathon

Kyle Peter looking to breeze thru the NYC Marathon in 3 Hours and 20 minutes

Kyle Peter looking to breeze thru the NYC Marathon in 3 Hours and 20 minutes

Adventure Medical Kits Sales Coordinator, Sarah Tantillo, and Sales Representative, Kyle Peter, are off to race in tomorrow’s NY City Marathon. This will be Sarah’s first attempt at  the 26.2 mile distance. Sarah is looking forward to her girlfriends cheering her on as she strides to hit the 4 hour mark. Kyle, a Boston Marathon finisher this year in just seconds over 3 hours, will be looking to take  it a little easier and wants to finish  in 3 hours and 20 minutes. Four days after Kyle returns he will be launching into a four day adventure race with three other teammates.  To compound the effort, they both took red eye flights on Friday night  for the Sunday race. They will be back at work Monday morning.  Check back on Monday for the after marathon pictures.

Good Luck Sarah and Kyle and Godspeed!

Team iMoat Finishes 6th in Primal Quest!

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Congratulations to Team iMoat and AMK’s Kyle Peter on their 6th place finish in the Primal Quest Badlands.

Crossing the finish line!!

The race began on August 14th and Team iMoat finished the race in Rapid City, SD after approximately 7 Days 11 Hours of racing. Congratulations to Team iMoat and Kyle on their incredible race!

Kyle after Mountain Biking and taking a little break at the ropes course

Kyle after mountain biking and waiting for his turn on the ropes course.

Update from Eco Primal Quest : The sixth team to complete the 2009 Primal Quest Badlands presented by SPOT is Team iMoat, who arrived as the finish line a short time ago. Amongst their requests, other than the pizza, ice cream, and champagne that was awaiting them, was for a bottle of shampoo. I think the team is ready to hit the showers.

The 600 mile race was the longest Primal Quest event to date and one of the most challenging adventure/endurance races of all time. The Badlands are a challenging and brutal section of terrain to navigate – just look at the picture below – the view for as far as the eye can see…..

Team finished the race in first place in approximately 6 days 10 hours followed closely by Team Salomon/Crested Butte and Team Merrell/Zanfel.  The final standings are still undecided until the race directors have a chance to review and assess possible time penalties.

Heatsheets Bivvies in Action at Eco Primal Quest

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

As the Eco Primal Quest continues – teams are faced with cold temperatures and rain.  Below is an update from the official website with a photo of our Heatsheets Bivvy in action – keeping the teams warm and dry on a cold morning.

Heatsheets Bivvy at Primal Quest

Here’s a photo taken just minutes ago from the checkpoint.

Teams Brace For More Bad Weather!
Posted on 08/19/09 7:53 AM| by Kraig

Wednesday morning brings us another round of incliment weather, as Primal Quest Badlands presented by SPOT stretches into its fifth day. The forecast calls for cooler temperatures today, with rain a distinct possibility. The combination of the two can make for a long, cold, miserable day out on the course.

At the front of the pack,, Salomon/Crested Butte, and Merrell/Zanfel Adventures are venturing into the Badlands at last, but many teams are still reaching the waters of Angostura Reservoir, where they face a swim and paddle orienteering course. The waters of the reservoir are a constant 75º F, but the air temperatures are currently quite cool and could play a part throughout the day.

You can follow AMK’s Kyle Peter and Team iMoat on their website.

Follow AMK’s Kyle Peter and Team iMoat in the Primal Quest

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

AMK’s own Kyle Peter and his teammates from Team iMoat are currently in 4th place overall in the 2009 Eco Primal Quest taking place in the Badlands. Check out the video below of the ropes course portion of the course yesterday.

You can track their progress here and view their team profile for more information about the team.  We’ll keep you posted on their progress – Good Luck Kyle and team!!

San Francisco Bay Guardian Names AMK’s Women’s Outdoor Kit ‘Best in Bay’

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The arts, culture & news weekly San Francisco Bay Guardian has named Adventure Medical Kits’ Women’s Edition Outdoor Kit tops in its ‘Best of the Bay’ issue. The annual feature, in which the paper’s senior editors highlight the most prominent people, places and things in the Bay area, singled out AMK’s Women’s Edition Outdoor kit in the ‘Sports & Outdoors’ category for its high quality components, superior organization and tasetful, decidely non-girly design. Wrote the editors:

AMK’s women’s edition outdoor medical kit comes jam-packed with all the fixings adventurous boys get — wound care materials, mini tweezers, insect-bite salve, a variety of medications, and a first-aid booklet — plus a couple things only ladies need, like tampons, leak-safe tampon bags, menstrual relief meds, and compact expands-in-water disposable towels. And it’s all packaged in a sporty blue nylon bag that weighs less than a pound. No lipstick? No diet pills? No frilly, lacy case made to look like a purse or a bra or a tiny dog? We’re buying it.

The SF Bay Guardian held a gala event to celebrate its 2009 ‘Best of the Bay’ winners at swanky San Francisco night club Mezzanine. Joe Sementilli (AMK’s National Sales Manager), Sarah Tantilo (AMK’s Sales Co-ordinator) and Chris Gubera (AMK’s President) selflessly gave up their free time to represent whilst sampling some nosh and suds along the way. Click here to read the SFBG’s full write up on the Women’s Edition Outdoor Kit.

Summer Outdoor Retailer – Drop and Give Me 10!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Ahhh, just getting back after the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. For those of you that don’t know, the OR show is the largest gathering of outdoor industry professionals in the US.  Tens of thousands of manufacturers, retailers, athletes and media descent upon Salt Lake City for four days to see what’s new, test products, and attend industry events.

This was AMK’s 20th Anniversary attending the OR Show – and it seems to just keep getting better.  We always have a great time meeting new people and visiting with industry friends that we know.  Check out some of the pics below to see what our week was like!

Hundreds of buyers spun AMK’s Wheel of Fortune – most walked away with AMK gear, but some ended up dropping and giving us 10 push ups! These guys decided to have a push-up showdown in the main aisle…..not sure who won, but it was fun to watch. One person who landed on the Wheel of Fortune Wild Card used it in a new way – she made AMK’s President Chris Gubera drop and do 10!

Of course, there are always cuts, blisters and other nasty wounds that need to be dealt with at the show.  Lots of attendees drop by for a little help in the first aid department. Below is an image of Frank Meyer, Co-Founder and Marketing Director, helping out one of the attendees who didn’t fare so well on his skateboard that morning.  He was a pretty happy guy after Frank cleaned and covered that wound!

Celebrity sighting in the AMK booth!  Les “Survivorman” Stroud stopped by for a visit. What do you think? Would Les make a good addition to our team? AMK supplied all medical and survival kits, insect repellents and bite treatments — including Ben’s and AfterBite — to the first season production of Survive This, a new live-action teen-targeted reality show hosted by Les, which is currently airing on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on YTV in Canada.

Survivorman met our own Survivor Man! Doug Ritter, Survival expert and founder of Equipped to Survive met Les Stroud at our booth. Doug has worked with AMK for years – he designed the immensely popular Pocket Survival Pak and the new Pocket Survival Pak Plus (scheduled for a 2010 release).

Tradeshows can be a lot of hard work – the sales team spends many hours on their feet speaking with new and potential customers – BUT, it is not all work!  Kyle, Jason, Joe and Chris (along with a few others not pictured) enjoyed some of the post-show festivities!

That is just a quick sample of what our week was like.  Of course, we were lucky to meet up with our friends from International Mountain Guides, Camp Patriot, the Epicocity Project, Jon Bowermaster, Jordan Romero, Robyn Benincasa (adventure racer and founder of Project Athena), and many, many more!  Thanks to all who stopped by and we can’t wait to see everyone again in January at the Winter Show!