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Story from the Backpod Team

Friday, November 14th, 2008

A note from the Backpod team:

Our trip to Honduras was a great success. We were thinking of you during the journey, and wanted to send a story to post on your blog.

After maneuvering our bus through harsh, mountainous terrain (driving approximately an hour over essentially just rocks), we arrived at a small isolated village in Honduras named Los Palacios. Our partner, Global Brigades, was beginning work on a water improvement project there. A group of students from Northwestern also assisted in the beginning stages of what will be a life changing project for this community. Water affects all elements of health and well being. Water born diseases, such as parasites, are a large health issue in many Honduran villages.

Once there, we nervously unloaded from the bus. Not sure what lay ahead, the community could not have been more welcoming and truly excited to have the students there.

The community leaders wanted to show us their current water system, so we began the lengthy hike up to the primary water source. Within our first few minutes we noticed that we had a tiny shadow, or rather four. A group of young boys followed us all the way to the top; with no shoes, they climbed hiding and laughing the entire way.

The next day the boys once again greeted us with their infectious smiles playing with a miniature soccer ball while the students dug trenches for new water piping. Of course it was not all fun and games. With the construction, something was bound to go awry. As they ran and kicked about, one stumbled over a large ditch. Although shaken, he was all right, but did manage a scraped up knee. It was now Backpod to the rescue…or more appropriately Adventure Medical Kits saves the day! Thanks to the generous gift of AMK, Backpod’s efforts allowed Miguel to go home worry free with a knee feeling as good as new!

Thanks again for all your support,
Kari, Michael, and Eva

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