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Will Cross Raising Awareness for Diabetes Through Upcoming Makalu Climb

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Will Cross Raising Awareness for Diabetes Through Climbing

Will Cross Set to Climb Makalu

AMK adventure athlete Will Cross will soon attempt a climb of Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world (27,824ft), located 21 miles east of Mount Everest.

Cross will depart shortly for this monumental peak as part of his “Giant Mountain Challenge” — a quest to climb six of the highest peaks in the world.  Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 30 years ago, Cross is pursuing this latest challenge as part of his ongoing effort to demonstrate that one can lead an extraordinary life with diabetes, an incurable condition and a global pandemic.  AMK and its parent company Tender Corp. are sponsoring Cross for the climb and other expeditions he’ll be participating in throughout the year.

Along with packing a variety of AMK products , Cross will be taking along HealthiFeet, which he’ll use as part of his daily regimen to keep his feet strong and healthy during the trip. A podiatrist recommended topical cream, HealthiFeet is clinically proven to relieve foot discomfort associated with cold feet, diabetes and neuropathy. To learn more about how HeatlthiFeet works, check out this episode of “The Doctors” which recently featured the product in a segment on foot care.

Be Safe Will!

All the best from Adventure Medical Kits

Climber Will Cross Teams Up With AMK To Raise Awareness on Foot Care for People With Diabetes

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Will Cross on Mount Everest

Will Cross on Mount Everest

Adventure Medical Kits and its parent company Tender Corp. have joined forces with world renowned high altitude mountaineer and adventure athlete Will Cross to help educate the public on the importance of proper foot care for people with diabetes.

Diagnosed with Type I diabetes 32 years ago, Cross has not let his condition stop him from amassing an impressive list of accomplishments, which includes successfully climbing the highest peaks — including Mount Everest – on all seven continents; walking to both the North and South Poles; and participating in expeditions in Patagonia, Mountains of the Moon and the Sahara Desert.

On all of his adventures, Cross’s diabetes has been a constant companion, forcing him to take extra precautions with his health – especially his feet.

People who have diabetes are often afflicted with serious foot problems, which, if left untreated, can become deadly. Poor circulation in the feet of people with diabetes results in 82,000 foot amputations each year. However, comprehensive foot care programs have been shown to reduce amputations by 50%.

Along with careful, daily inspection of his feet, Cross uses Tender’s HealthiFeet, a new moisturizing cream designed to improve the foot health of people who suffer from the pain associated with poor foot circulation or just plain old cold feet. (For more info on HealthiFeet and the partnership with Will Cross, go here)

During the month of November and continuing into 2010, Tender, AMK and Cross will be spreading the word on the importance of foot care for people with diabetes through media interviews, personal appearances and regular blog posts.

On November 21st, Will Cross will be giving a speech on diabetes at a grand opening of a new REI store in his home town of Pittsburgh, PA. The event will be co-sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and will help raise money for diabetes research.  Can’t make it to Pitt? You can still help out by supporting the ADA ( or Children With Diabetes, both are organizations to which Will is closely aligned.