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Ask the Doc – QuikClot Question

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009


I have a question about QuikClot – does it work and is it contraindicated for any type of injury?

Thanks,  Michael Z.


Hi Michael-

Thanks for your question about QuikClot.  In short: yes, QuikClot is very effective at speeding the clotting process.  It has been tested in numerous clinical trials and in real world situations involving military, law enforcement, and emergency first response personnel.  The formula that we use does not generate heat (like the “old” QuikClot) and thus will not leave burns on the wound site.

What Do I Need In a Medical Kit for Skydiving?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I want to build a first aid kit for our Drop Zone and would like your recommendations on contents for skydiving related incidents. I know all the basic items but would like your thoughts on splints and slings etc.While small cuts and sprained ankles etc are what we see most, we should be prepared for more serious incidents to include broken bones, puncture wounds (in the event of a tree landing)etc. If you could email me a list I would greatly appreciate it.

Should I Add a Hemostatic Agent to My First Aid Kit?

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009


Do you recommend adding Celox powder to first aid kits? My situation is carrying the master FAK for a crew of 8-10 scouts and adults for 10+ days backpacking at Philmont.

Thanks, Dan


Dear Dan,

I do recommend carrying a “Hemostatic dressing” for adventures like yours where the activities are higher risk and the remoteness of your adventure means professional medical care will not arrive quickly.

Which kit to purchase?

Friday, November 14th, 2008


1) I am a field member on our county Search & Rescue team. 2) I will be finishing with my Wilderness First responder certification in a few weeks. 3) I spend tons of time in the back country of colorado year round. From ice climbing to mountain biking. I have always carried a small field first aid kit, have have added more and more items over the years.

Can you recommend a kit (for personal use) that I could use while hiking, biking, climbing, etc… in very reomte areas that can deal with everything from allergies to major trauma.