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My Ultralight/Watertight .7 Medical Kit saved my leg! Thanks!!!

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Submitted By: Holly G

I was at the gym working on my box jumps when my foot slipped. I didn’t realize I was that hurt until my trainer pointed to the blood all over my pants and shoe. He got some bandaids and alcohol wipes from their first aid kit but we both felt that this wasn’t adequate. As I got ready for work my leg continued to bleed. When I arrived at work, I called my friend, a nurse, and she told me how to treat my wound but if I couldn’t get it cleaned properly and the bleeding to stop I would need to go to the Emergency room. I looked but our office first aid kit didn’t have what I needed. Then I remembered that I had my Adventure Medical Kit in my car with my hiking stuff. Sure enough everything I needed was there. No emergency room needed. I didn’t miss a day of work at the emergency room or the cost of my high copay. My adventure medical kit paid for itself many times over already. I’m going to buy an extra one just for my car.

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Ouch Holly!  Well I am glad that Holly had one of our kits and it was a good thing too since the first aid kits at the gym and the office were inadequate.   I am sure most first aid kits are good for headaches and the small scrape or cut, but when you need to be prepared for life’s surprises or when the box at the gym jumps up and bites ya its good to have a serious medical kit.

Thank Holly for sending this to us and so we are going to send you a few things as a token of our appreciation. If you guys have any real life stories about where you had to use one of our medical kits, our survival products or any of our other products we would love to hear from you.  You can message us on Facebook or email us at and include “Real Life Stories” in the subject line.