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Medication Expiration Dates

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

If expiration dates on medications such as aspirin and aleeve have passed should they be discarded or are these medications still useable.


Thanks for your question.  Most over-the-counter medications, including the ones you’re asking about, are safe to use after they expire.  The expiration date essentially means that the manufacturer of the medication will not guarantee its efficacy after the date has passed, not that the medication is unsafe once it expires.  In fact, military testing has found that common medications such as ibuprofen are still highly (if not 100%) effective ten years after the expiration date.  We do stock refill modules for our kits (you can view them at, although you probably won’t need to buy one until you start using up some the supplies in your kit.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.


Jordan Hurder
Product Specialist


How do I refill my kit?

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

I bought a Fundamentals medical kit about ten years ago while in the service. I kept it in my rucksack until I left the service after Iraq when the kit went into storage. I now have need of having a kit ready in a backpack but the contents are expired. Is there any way to purchase a complete refill or do I need to do it item by item.

Ben, Go to – a page on our website where you can buy refill packets. We will be updating this section in the future with more refill items, but for now it will have everything that you need to refill your kit. If you need to see a Fundamentals supply list – go to the medical kits section under mountain series and you will find the Fundamentals and a printable supply list. Thanks, Frank Meyer, Marketing Director

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