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Dr. Weiss Advice – Creating Ankle Support Using a SAM Splint

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Dr. Weiss Advice – Improvisational Technique – Creating Ankle Support Using a SAM Splint

Wrap a SAM Splint around the foot and ankle, with the shoe in place and secure it with tape. This will help stabilize the joint while walking. You may need to stop periodically to tighten or re-wrap the splint.

You can buy a SAM splint here.

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Motorcycle First Aid

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Is there a kit that you would recommend (or a custom list of items) that would be appropriate for carrying on a motorcycle in case one of the riders in our group is injured in a remote area? Obviously a lot of possible degrees of injury, but sprains, broken bones, abrasion bleeding, etc. would be possible.

Curt, If you have the room I would carry the Fundamentals Kit or if space is tight – go with the Ultralight Pro. They both have the SAM Splint, CPR mask, wound cleaning items and trauma materials. There is a compare kit feature button on the right side of the product window. USe this to see the differences. Good Riding.

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