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DIY Gear: Using an Emergency Shelter to Create a Vest

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Here’s an interesting question that came in over our blog today:

Q: I’d like to make a vest out of the SOL Thermal Bivvy-  should the seams be sewn or will an iron work to weld seams?

A: My advice is to sew the seams, rather than trying to weld them.  If using an iron to weld seams, I would be worried about excessive heat weakening the fabric or causing the two layers of the fabric to separate.


Does anyone else have any good stories about using our products (or anyone else’s products, for that matter) to make their own clothing or gear?  If you ask me, some of the best ideas in the outdoor gear have their roots in DIY-specialists or the cottage industry, so we’re always interested to hear how people like to use our products.  I’ve received emails from people that have used Heatsheets blankets as solar heat reflectors inside their cars or as insulation inside coolers, so I know there are enthusiastic innovators out there taking our products beyond what we imagined when we made them.  If you have a story, please share it with us in our comments section.

-Jordan Hurder, Product Specialist