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Adventure Medical Kits Ambassador Rebecca Rusch Rides Rome to Trobole, Italy- in an 850km Self Supported Ride

Monday, May 9th, 2016









In late April, Adventure Medical Kits ambassador Rebecca Rusch joined the Italy Divide Ride, an 850k self supported ride from Rome to Torbole. Here is her recount of this unique event.

Beginning at the Eternal City, Rome, riders had the opportunity to pass some of the most famous archaeological sites in the capitol before riding the ancient Via Francigena (connecting France and Rome) toward Tuscany. Siena, the Chianti countryside, and climbing the Apennines to Bologna are some of the course highlights before finishing the race in Torbole at the Lake Garda Bike Festival.

I’d already met some of the other riders at the racer meeting. The meeting was really just riding around the Colosseum and eating pasta! Great way to get relaxed and meet the other riders. There were a wide range of people racing- like my friend Jay Petervary- who went all out and raced, while others took their time and camped along the way.


UltraLight mat, Spark Sp III sleeping Bag, Pocket Towel, X Bowl, X Cup, Wilderness Wash, Compression Sacks, Aeros Pillow Premium.

UltraLight mat, Spark Sp III sleeping Bag, Pocket Towel, X Bowl, X Cup, Wilderness Wash, Compression Sacks, Aeros Pillow Premium.

When heading out on a trip like this I like to be light and fast, but that doesn’t mean I have to be unprepared. I choose what I’m going to carry carefully and knowing its there is peace of mind so I can go further or longer when I want to. Thanks to my great sponsors Sea to Summit and Adventure Medical Kits I can be #AdventureEquipped, which means controlling what I can control, so that I don’t worry when things turn unpredictable. Here are just some of my bike packing essentials.

0125-0290 AMK Ultralight Watertight 9 RT copyMy Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight Watertight .9 kit contains: anti histamine tablets for allergic reaction, trauma dressings (including QuikClot for heavy bleeding, gauze roll, non-adherent dressings, tape), blister dressings (I love BlistoBan because it’s so thin and really works!), anti-inflammatory meds, asthma inhaler, and a needle (for blisters). I also carry a mini knife, and CPR shield.


Happy Trails,


About Rebecca Rusch

When describing Rebecca Rusch’s athletic achievements, it may be easier to talk about what she hasn’t done, but, like Rebecca herself, we’re doing this the hard way.

Her national and world titles in whitewater rafting, adventure racing, orienteering, and cross-country skiing certainly impress, but they only set the stage; it’s the two-wheeled victories that really lengthen her resume. Rusch’s mountain bike accomplishments would strain the pixels on your screen. National wins across multiple off-road formats top the list, as well as record-setting victories at storied ultra endurance races like the Leadville Trail 100, Dirty Kanza 200, and 24 Hour MTB World Championships. Not content to wait for the race to come to her, Rusch also claimed the record on the 142-mile Kokopelli Trail, coming in more than an hour and a half faster than the previous champion. It wasn’t her idea, but it doesn’t take a professor to see why she earned the moniker “The Queen Of Pain.”

While maintaining this laundry list of accolades would be enough for most athletes, Rusch takes no such time to rest on her laurels. Her SRAM Gold Rusch Tour has been traveling to races and events across North America to help get more women in the saddle and riding their bikes through skills clinics, social events, and group rides. She created Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a grueling gravel road event in her hometown of Ketchum that attracts hundreds of riders to her backyard every year, all for charity. Organizations like the International Mountain Bike Association, World Bicycle Relief,, the National Interscholastic Mountain Bike Association, and the Wood River Bicycle Coalition can count her as an official ambassador and, in some cases, board member. Visit her site at


Product Testimonial – Heatsheets and Thermo-Lite Bivvy

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Here is a recent testimonial that we received from Travis Macy – a Professional Multisport Athlete, racing for Team Salomon/Crested Butte.

Let us know if you have a similar story to share!

“Two years ago, amidst a hailstorm in the middle of the night, I hunkered down and pulled out my space blanket, only to be showered with little metallic shardes that had once been part of the useless clear sheet I held in my hand. Needless to say, that was a miserable night!

Since then, I have been an avid user of the Thermolite 2.0 Bivvy and Emergency Bivvy from Adventure Medical Kits. Whether I’m competing in expedition-length adventure races like Primal Quest or the Adventure Racing World Championship or just out for some training or backpacking, these items are crucial in my gear kit.

Combine one of these bivvies with your choice medical kit from AMK, and you’re good to go. I slept in a single Thermolite 2.0 Bivvy every night at Primal Quest Montana, and the warm sleep provided was paramount in pacing our team to a podium finish.

I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a high quality emergency or planned-sleep option–and to all of us who have experienced the disheartening shower of metallic shards at 2:00 a.m.!

Travis Macy
Professional Multisport Athlete, Team Salomon/Crested Butte

Share your AMK story or send us feedback!

AMK’s Frank Meyer on KGO AM 810’s “On The Go” SF Travel Show

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Adventure Medical Kits’ marketing director Frank Meyer appeared on San Francisco’s KGO AM 810’s “On The Go” Travel Show on Saturday April 18th.

In the first segment Frank discusses with host John Hamiltion the Ultralight Series, the Adventurer, the S.O.L. Pak and other essential gear for camping in Northern California.

In the second segment on KGO AM 810,  Frank talks about the World Travel kit, Ben’s & Natrapel 8 hour insect repellents, AfterBite and other must-pack items relevant for adventure travelers.

What’s in Your Survival Pack?

Friday, April 17th, 2009


I took an Ultralite .5 First Aid kit and added these Adventure Medical Kit items: 1 person HeatSheets Blanket, Signal mirror, Firestarter, & Whistle.

It is compact, fits easily in a pocket and weighs about 7 oz. Plus it looks cool!

My two cents. Kurt


Thanks for the comment Kurt! Our Product Development team loves to hear feedback from our customers about how they use our products.  Keep the ideas coming….

If you have a story or product idea to share with us, you can submit the info using this form.

Which kit should I choose?

Friday, January 9th, 2009


Here’s a basic question… I’m getting back into backpacking after a good decade off. I am a 42 year old male and I will initially be taking 2-3 night trips in relatively remote locations . Some solo, but factor having up to 2 additional companions. Based on this info, can you offer some advice on which first aid kit would be the best combination of preparedness and size for this activity?


Thanks for your question. I recommend the Ultralight/Watertight .7 or .9 for your 2-3 day backpack trips. If your first aid skills are a little rusty I would also recommend adding our book,  A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine. This book has a ton of useful advice, including, When to Worry, Weiss Advice Improvisational Tips and over 100 illustrations.

Be Safe,

Frank Meyer

Marketing Director/Co-Founder


Ultralight & Watertight .5 Saves the Day!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Sent to us on 07/16/08 by Michael S. – Columbus, OH

Here is a story about my Ultralight & Watertight .5 that I am sure you will enjoy.

I have lunch with my parents every Tuesday while they are volunteering at the local hospital. A few weeks ago I was walking thru the hospital parking lot at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center, Cambridge, Ohio, when I recognized a client of mine. He is in his early 80’s and also volunteers. His shift starts at 1 pm. He had just stood up after tripping and falling on a curb in the parking lot. We walked into the hospital lobby/waiting room and I used the supplies in my medical kit to wipe up some blood on his cut fingers, and scrapped knee. I put some antiseptic on his knee, and put Band-Aids on his fingers and knee because NONE of the employees in the hospital in the lobby/waiting room or at the front desk had anything. No Band-Aids, no gauze, absolutely nothing. Employees and nurses went to look for Band-Aids, gauze, and some antiseptic and could not find any. Absolutely nothing!! I have to say that again. Absolutely nothing!!

So here you have it. This Ultralight and Watertight .5 medical kit was of more use to him than the entire hospital and these hospital employees and nurses running around like chickens with their heads cut off looking for supplies.

Adventure Medical Kits saves the day again.!

Do you have a story to tell or a comment to share? Click here to tell us….

Which kit to purchase?

Friday, November 14th, 2008


1) I am a field member on our county Search & Rescue team. 2) I will be finishing with my Wilderness First responder certification in a few weeks. 3) I spend tons of time in the back country of colorado year round. From ice climbing to mountain biking. I have always carried a small field first aid kit, have have added more and more items over the years.

Can you recommend a kit (for personal use) that I could use while hiking, biking, climbing, etc… in very reomte areas that can deal with everything from allergies to major trauma.


Nathan T., Secretary Garfield County Search & Rescue


Nathan, I would carry the Ultralight & Watertight .9 kit and add QuikClot, an Epi-pen and a small CPR shield. You can find the Quicklot and CPR mask in our refill your kit section. The Epi-Pen you will need a prescription and go to your local pharmacy. Thanks