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Testimonial: Suture Syringe Kit Saves the Day of Backpacker in Alaska

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

I spend a ton of time backpacking and hiking the outdoors and there are two pieces of equipment that are with me on each and every trip: an Adventure Medical Kits Weekender and an Adventure Medical Kits Suture Syringe Kit. Both proved invaluable on my most recent adventures to the Wrangell — St Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

On this day we were “blessed” with rain, making our water crossing on the Dixie Pass difficult to say the least. Our party of 12 had almost reached the last campsite before the pass when I slipped during a water crossing, severely gashing my knee open in the process. While I could not see the wound initially due to the rain pants I was wearing, I knew it was severe. I put my pack down and walked away from the group about 15 feet, unzipped the pants down the leg to the knee and assessed the damage.

Blood was running freely and I made those standing within earshot aware of the damage. They quickly came over to assist, pulling my pack over to sit on once they removed the Weekender First Aid kit and Suture kit from it. Fortunately, one of my compatriots is a doctor, who has always performed this type of work in the sterile doctor’s office or operating room, not out in the wild. I seriously think he was more nervous about all this then I! I, of course, was more than happy that I did not have to stitch myself up. As a Marine, I’ve had to do it before. Fortunately, the sky had cleared up about two hours previous, so we had great sunlight to work with. The doctor worked quickly with the assistance of another fellow camper acting as nurse and placed seven stitches into my knee once the wound had been cleaned up.

Later that evening we used a syringe we set aside loaded with Iodine to clean the wound and then bandaged it again. The doctor was very impressed with the kits contents! I’ve already ordered another Suture Syringe Kit and have to say, your products are worth their weight in gold! Thanks for putting together such a well thought-out product!

–Johnny Hernandez

AMK Response: Thanks for the feedback, Johnny. On your next trip, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a pack of QuikClot Sport Silver, too, should you ever need — and fingers crossed you don’t — a more powerful method for stopping problem bleeding.