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San Francisco Bay Guardian Names AMK’s Women’s Outdoor Kit ‘Best in Bay’

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The arts, culture & news weekly San Francisco Bay Guardian has named Adventure Medical Kits’ Women’s Edition Outdoor Kit tops in its ‘Best of the Bay’ issue. The annual feature, in which the paper’s senior editors highlight the most prominent people, places and things in the Bay area, singled out AMK’s Women’s Edition Outdoor kit in the ‘Sports & Outdoors’ category for its high quality components, superior organization and tasetful, decidely non-girly design. Wrote the editors:

AMK’s women’s edition outdoor medical kit comes jam-packed with all the fixings adventurous boys get — wound care materials, mini tweezers, insect-bite salve, a variety of medications, and a first-aid booklet — plus a couple things only ladies need, like tampons, leak-safe tampon bags, menstrual relief meds, and compact expands-in-water disposable towels. And it’s all packaged in a sporty blue nylon bag that weighs less than a pound. No lipstick? No diet pills? No frilly, lacy case made to look like a purse or a bra or a tiny dog? We’re buying it.

The SF Bay Guardian held a gala event to celebrate its 2009 ‘Best of the Bay’ winners at swanky San Francisco night club Mezzanine. Joe Sementilli (AMK’s National Sales Manager), Sarah Tantilo (AMK’s Sales Co-ordinator) and Chris Gubera (AMK’s President) selflessly gave up their free time to represent whilst sampling some nosh and suds along the way. Click here to read the SFBG’s full write up on the Women’s Edition Outdoor Kit.