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  1. Marine 100

    The Marine 100 is designed for recreatiol boats, kayaks, and rafting trips.
  2. Marine 200

    The Marine 200 is perfect for short trips on inland waters.
  3. Marine 300

    The Marine 300 is designed for inland use and short coastal trips on vessels carrying up to six people.
  4. Marine 400

    The Marine 400 is intended for coastal cruising on vessels carrying up to six people.
  5. Marine 600 Medical Kit with Waterproof Case

    The Marine 600 is intended for high intensity boating where an impact resistant case is necessary.
  6. Marine 1000

    The Marine 1000 is designed for coastal cruising when professionals medical care can be reached within a 12-hour time period.
  7. Marine 2000

    The Marine 2000 is designed for medium-sized crews 12-24 hours from shore.
  8. Marine 3000

    The Marine 3000 is the largest Adventure Medical Kit, designed for large crews more than 24 hours from shore.
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9 Item(s)