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  1. Mountain Day Tripper Lite

    The Day Tripper Lite comes equipped with the essentials you need to manage basic first aid issues during a one-day adventure alone or with a friend.
  2. Mountain Hiker Kit

    The Hiker is equipped with carefully-selected supplies tailored to meet any basic first aid needs you and a friend might experience on a two-day adventure.
  3. Mountain Backpacker Kit

    The Backpacker is designed for a pair of outdoor explorers on a four-day foray into the wilderness. Outfitted with a handpicked assortment of remedies for a range of conditions—from cuts and allergies to upset stomach and dehydration—the Backpacker has your back.
  4. Mountain Explorer Kit

    Both comprehensive and compact, the Explorer is perfectly tailored to smaller groups on extended camping trips or trail adventures.
  5. Mountain Guide Kit

    The Guide is essential for leading a group on an outdoor excursion, and empowers you to provide high-quality first aid to several people while exploring the wilderness with greater security.
  6. Mountain Mountaineer Kit

    The Mountaineer is the pinnacle of wilderness medicine kits. Designed groups of up to 14 people for 28 days, it contains first aid for a broad spectrum of over 200 types of injuries and ailments. Created for wilderness environments, the Mountaineer is equally ideal for urban disasters in which medical care may be inaccessible.

    The Adventure® Medical Kits Custom Kit is the perfect solution for the outdoor adventurer who wants to build their own individualized kit from the ground up.
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7 Item(s)