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  1. Rapid Response Trauma Pak with QuikClot®

    The Trauma Pak with QuikClot® is designed to stop bleeding and control immediate trauma - period.
  2. Trauma Pack Pro with QuikClot® & SWAT-T™

    The Trauma Pak Pro talrkes bleeding control to a new level with QuikClot and the Swat-T tourniquet.
  3. Tactical Field Trauma with QuikClot®

    The Tactical Field Trauma with QuikClot® is made to treat life-threatening injuries when you're away from base camp.
  4. Suture Syringe Kit

    The Suture/Syringe Kit is a true field surgical kit for trained medical professionalss.
  5. Professional Mountain Medic

    The Mountain Medic is a purpose-built, portable hospital for search-and-rescue personnel, wilderness EMTs, and other medical professionals.
  6. Professional Guide I

    The Guide is designed with advanced backcountry care in mind - perfect for Wilderness EMTs and Wilderness First Responders.
  7. Mountain Series Expedition

    The Expedition is AMK's most complete kit for large groups, extended trips, and remote environments.
  8. Professional Ultralight / Watertight Pro

    The Ultralight Pro is ideal for any outfitter, guide, trip leader, or mountaineer who needs to travel light, fast, and watertight in the backcountry.
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8 Item(s)