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Adrian, Outdoor Professional

Adventure Medical Kits are an essential part of my preparation for every climbing and skiing objective, from close to home to the most remote peaks. From ultralight fast missions on technical objectives, to large teams on 2-month expeditions to the world's tallest peaks, Adventure Medical Kits has the right kit. Their organization, thoroughness, and the careful thought put in to each item in every kit ensures you have exactly what you need without extra weight or waste.

Some of my favorite products are the Ultralight Watertight .7, the Survive Outdoors Longer® Heatsheets® Emergency Bivvy, and Quikclot® Advanced Clotting Gauze.

Ultralight & Watertight .7 A first aid kit for the multi-sport athlete that refuses to be weighed down by his or her gear.

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Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Bivvy The same ultra-light, ultra-warm full protection shelter that professionals rely on.

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QuikClot® Clotting Gauze
The safe and effective life-saving gauze accelerates the body’s own clotting process and works within minutes of application.

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