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Accounts Receivable Associate - Littleton, NH

Position: Accounts Receivable Associate
Location: Littleton, New Hampshire

The Accounts Receivable Associate has responsibility for the Company’s accounts receivable functions.

1. Scans daily checks received into bank software
2. Monitors major checking account for funds received.
3. Performs data entry and related operations in posting accounts receivable payments whether received by check, cash, wire or credit card.
4. Processes credit card payments online.
5. Posts to and maintains cash sheets in excel.
6. Processes daily Revolving Loan activity from bank.
7. Resolves credit balances and customer account payment issues.
8. Receives and records non-a/r payments; posts and reconciles payments to cash sheet.
9. Performs customer credit checks. Establishes and maintains credit limits and credit terms on new and existing customers.
10. Evaluates orders placed on credit hold.
11. Analyzes overdue accounts (10 days).
12. Disseminates weekly Past Due report.
13. Makes collection calls on overdue accounts receivable. Follows up with collection emails, letters or other appropriate actions when necessary.
14. Routinely checks customer web sites for A/R activity.
15. Other duties as assigned by the Accounting Department.

1. High school degree and 2 years related experience.
2. Working knowledge of accounts receivable practices and principles.
3. Very strong math skills.
4. Familiarity with basic accounting principles.
5. Strong computer and data entry skills.
6. Excellent communications skills.

You can download the application below and submit in person, via email at or via fax at 603-444-6735.

Download a job application here.