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Kyle Peter

I’m Kyle Peter and I have been the captain of Team Tecnu Adventure Racing for the past 7 years. The team has raced at the premier regional, national, and world level races with wins at over 30 events.

The sport has brought me to the Eiger of Switzerland, the Kootenays of British Columbia, the highest point in Costa Rica, the Amazon and Andes of Ecuador, the 3,110 ft. Tugela Falls of South Africa, the Alps of France, and the jungles of Malaysia. These locations play host to extremely harsh environments that present unlimited dangers. Pushing my body for 3-7 days with 2-3 hours of sleep a night in these extremely harsh environments presents unlimited potential for injuries. It isn’t a matter of ‘if,’ but a question of ‘when’ injuries can happen.

To help treat injuries on the trail, I always carry an Adventure Medical Kit, such as the Ultralight & Watertight .7 to help treat blisters with pre-cut moleskin or traveler’s discomfort with the right medications. Then to manage a major trauma I always carry QuikClot. Ben’s 100 is on top of my pack when I head into the jungles to prevent nasty, itchy bug bites and more importantly disease. I also always have one of SOL’s survival kits with me such as the Scout with everything you need to start a fire, stay warm or survive the unexpected night out.

Ultralight & Watertight .7
A first aid kit for the multi-sport athlete that refuses to be weighed down by his or her gear.

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Survive Outdoors Longer Scout™
Provides you with everything you need to stay safe, stay warm, and get found in a survival situation.

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Ben’s® 100 Insect Repellent
Provides up to 10 hours of protection from ticks and insects that may carry infectious diseases. Small portable size is easy to carry.

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QuikClot® Clotting Gauze
The fast and effective way to control bleeding by accelerating the body’s natural clotting ability.

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