Urban Remote First Aid Kit

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The ultimate first aid kit for urban or remote locations, the Urban & Remote Medical Kit is stocked with hospital-grade medical supplies needed in disaster situations. Add this kit to your go bag in case of natural disasters or to your car so you’re prepared whenever you travel. Inside, you’ll find enough first aid supplies to treat 8 people for up to 21 days. Supplies range from moleskin for blisters to an irrigation syringe and scalpel for major wound care. Protect teeth with temporary cavity fillings, administer CPR with the face shield, and treat low blood sugar with glucose powder. The kit also includes a variety of pill bottles so you can customize it with personal medications and duct tape and safety pins for gear repair. For guidance on treating a variety of injuries and illnesses, consult the included Wilderness & Travel Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide by Dr. Eric A. Weiss, which contains up-to-date medical tips and information. This comprehensive emergency preparedness kit even includes TinderQuik and a Fire Lite Striker, so you can easily start fires and stay warm. The Urban & Remote Medical Kit includes what you need to face disasters whenever and wherever they occur.

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