June 22, 2011 - Littleton, NH

Tender Corp., a leading developer of skincare and first aid products designed for active lifestyles, today announced that it’s donating Easy Care All Purpose first aid kits as well as other essential outdoor safety items to all chapters that make up the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland, Oregon.

Founded in 1946, the Boys & Girls Clubs’ mandate is to encourage self-worth in young people, by offering them a range of after-school and summer activity programs.

“We’re honored to support the great service that the Clubs provide to the Portland community in creating a safe, positive environment where children, especially economically disadvantaged kids, can go and participate in sports and other activities,” said Tender Corp.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Meyer.

Each of the 18 Boys & Girls Clubs located throughout the Greater Portland Metropolitan area see an average of 200 kids a day during the summer months.

“We run lots of sports programs throughout the summer and injuries – whether it’s cuts and scrapes or an allergic reaction to a bug a bite – are an inevitable occurrence,” said Melissa Froman, development manager for the Portland Boys & Girls Clubs. “Having Easy Care kits at each location will help our staff to treat any minor injuries the children might suffer.”

Developed by an ER doctor, Tender’s Easy Care All Purpose Kits contain carefully selected hospital quality wound care materials and medications for treating cuts & scrapes, allergic reactions, pain and nausea. The key to the kit is its intuitive system of organization (also called Easy Care), which groups components by injury, making it easier to find exactly what you need during an emergency. Inside each kit are clearly labeled injury-specific pockets that also feature instructions printed on the exterior explaining how to confidently administer a specific treatment. A first aid guide, also included in the kit, expands on the content of the pocket instructions, offering additional information on diagnosing injuries and ailments, how to recognize when a condition may be worsening and how to improvise treatments.

In addition to the Easy Care kits, Tender Corp. is also donating the following items to the Portland Boys & Girls Clubs: DEET-free insect repellent Natrapel® 8 hour, insect bite and sting treatment AfterBite® Kids, and aloe-based sunburn lotion AfterBurn.

To learn more on how to donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland, visit http://www.bgcportland.org.

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